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Most contractors and freelancers feel valued by their clients

27/02/2011 00:24

New research suggests that contractors are recognised for the value they bring to their clients, with 58% of those polled saying that they were appreciated for the work that they do.

The survey, conducted by Brookson, showed this was particularly the case for contractors in the oil and gas industry - with 83% of respondents feeling 'appreciated'.

The research was carried out among freelance and contracting professionals in all industry sectors, including nuclear, aerospace and defence.

Once again, when asked if their chosen industry sector looked set to provide good contract opportunities over the next 5 years, those in the oil and gas sector were the most confident. Taken as a whole, the survey suggested that around half of contractors believe their industry sector looks likely to provide a healthy flow of work over the coming five years.

Martin Hesketh, MD of the accountancy firm, commented:

"These figures represent an encouraging outlook from both contractors and their clients. It's nice to see they're being appreciated and demonstrates a willingness among businesses to hire contractors. They also complement recent research carried out by ComRes on behalf of the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), which found 73 per cent of business leaders planned to use freelancers and contractors in their organisations over the next 12 months."